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Nocatee Homes for Sale

Nocatee, Florida Homes for Sale

An Overview of Nocatee, Florida

Nocatee is a new real estate development in St. Johns County. Currently, the community is still in the early stages of development, but the town has big plans. As a part of the Greater Jacksonville metropolitan area, Nocatee plans capitalize on its proximity to the attractions of northeast Florida, including the white sand beaches of the Florida coast. One of the biggest draws to the Nocatee area is the warm coastal climate which makes this slice of Florida an ideal getaway for avid golfers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

New Homes in Nocatee, Florida

Nocatee is a young community. The first family moved in to their home in Austin Park in April of 2007. Planned developments in Nocatee real estate include hotels, recreational centers and a generous 270 acres of golf courses and parks. Homes for sale in Nocatee are at present almost all new construction properties that are being built up as part of four planned communities.

Austin Park is a development built by Cornerstone Homes. Homes for sale in Austin Park are available in 9 different floor plans, and the prices on these new construction homes definitely fit a family-friendly budget. Of all the proposed communities in Nocatee, Austin Park real estate listings are the most amenable to entry level buyers. The homes in Austin Park offer the lowest prices of the planned communities so far.

Coastal Oaks is a gated planned community in Nocatee that is slightly more upscale than Austin Park. Homes for sale in Coastal Oaks are available in more variety and cover a wider range of the real estate market. Other mid-range to upper mid range planned communities include Willowcove, an active family development, Riverwoods, a gated private adult community, and Tidewater, a community of smaller homes.

Notable Schools in Nocatee, Florida

The St. John's County schools that serve the Nocatee area are some of the best public schools in the state. Florida grades the public schools A through F based on performance, exactly like a child's report card. St. John's County Schools in the Nocatee area score all A's in the areas of student achievement and academic success.

The Nocatee Business Adventure

Nocatee presents a commercial investor with the chance to get in on the ground floor of the business development of this community. The future of retail is being decided on a daily basis, and there is still time to take part founding the businesses that will help Nocatee achieve its goals.

Nocatee, Florida Real Estate Agents

New real estate developments are characterized by rapid growth. Neighborhoods spring up, seemingly over night. A Nocatee Realtor is on top of the changes that are making this community a great place to live.