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Jacksonville Homes for Sale

Jacksonville, Florida Homes for Sale

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the northern most metro area in Florida. Long associated with military and aerospace contractors, Jacksonville retains much of the industry that grew the city to its present proportions. A confluence of transportation routes makes this city a natural shipping hub as well. Residents of Jacksonville are never more than a short drive to the Atlantic Ocean and the beach resorts. The natural beauty of mainland Florida is also close at hand in the city's miles of urban park systems. Like all of coastal Florida, Jacksonville enjoys a mild climate, even in winter.

Homes in Jacksonville, FL

Affordable communities in Jacksonville include Blue Lake Estates, a planned development south of Herlong Airport that features 2 level single family homes. Creekside Oaks is found in the Marietta neighborhood around Interstate 10. Homes for sale in Creekside Oaks are comparable in size and price to those in Blue Lake Estates. St. James Place West offers buyers smaller single family homes, and is located further from the center of Jacksonville, outside the I-295 loop. Timothy's Landing real estate consists of affordable townhomes in the Oak Hill and Enchanted Park neighborhoods. If you'd like to see Jacksonville homes for sale listings come to life, check out a Jacksonville virtual tour.

Tuscan Oaks is a more upscale community in the Mandarin neighborhood on the east bank of the St. John's River. Other upscale communities include the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, a gated community which offers residents plenty of outdoor activities. Queen's Harbour is also a place to enjoy the high life, but pales next to Deerwood and Tiffany by the Sea, a pair of gated communities in Jacksonville where luxury is priority number one.

Going to School in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is home to many fine schools. One example of what Jacksonville has to offer is the Bolles School, a preparatory college on the banks of the St. John's River. Bolles was founded in 1933 as a boy's military school. Since its founding, Bolles has transformed into a prestigious center of learning, which sends every one of its graduates on to college each year.

The Jacksonville Business Community

According to a 2005 report by Money magazine, Jacksonville has the lowest taxes in the state of Florida, and has the third lowest tax rate in the United States. Other features of Jacksonville that are attractive to businesses include a rapidly expanding foreign trade market, the number 2 income growth rate in the state, and an extrmely diversified commercial base which includes everything from aerospace engineering to insurance.

Jacksonville Real Estate Agents

A quick glance at the real estate listings reveals that the market is always in flux. A Jacksonville Realtor can deliver the up to date information that his or her client needs to make effective property management decisions.